MAN Truck & Bus India

Corporate Responsibility

Our belief

As a leading commercial vehicle manufacturer in Europe we are committed towards sustainability and see it as our responsibility. We at MAN Truck & Bus India, have aligned our Corporate Social Responsibility projects with “Environmental Sustainability” and “Skill Development” as central pillars. 

Composition of MAN Truck & Bus India CSR Committee

  • Chairman
    Mr. Ashish Dugar
  • Members
    Mr. Stephan Schuett, Mr. Christoph Aigner, Mr. Joerg Mommertz, Mr. Ashish Dwivedi, Ms. Sheetal Sutar

Our CSR focus areas

Environmental Sustainability

We have currently undertaken project focused on developing urban forests within the city limits and thus improving air quality, creating habitat for its rightful occupants while reducing our impact on the environment during our day-to-day operations. Over the last three months, MTBI has planted around 400 trees and actively engaged in sustenance of them and maintained land to preserve biodiversity. We are committed to this cause and will be working in this area more and more!

Successful women: the "all girls team" from MKSSS Cummins College of Engineering for Women participated in the SAE BAJA 2024 competition. MAN Truck and Bus India was co-sponsor of the team which ranked 8th at overall team level among 70+ participants.

Skill Development

We have tied-up with Cummins College of Engineering as our commitment of developing budding talent in bringing them closer to Industry through Tech. talks, Lectures and Delegates visit. We have also sponsored the SAE Baja event where we engaged actively in motivating, challenging but most importantly encouraging young minds in believing on their talent and ready to push the limits and grow their understanding and capabilities for future.

Initiatives under exploration

In addition to above projects we aim to enhance our efforts in areas of Skill Development with more emphasis on school transformation along with an NGO partner including sanitation, guidance through volunteering, drinking water improvement and many more. Secondly we also aim to initiate actions toward Women Empowerment covering education, awareness, hygiene etc. enabling women to grow their outlook and making them empowered.

Our CSR-Policy

Sustainability at MAN Truck & Bus SE

As a commercial vehicle manufacturer, MAN sees itself as having a special responsibility to do all it can to contribute to climate protection. Urgent action is required at all political and social levels, and the economy is of central importance to this fundamental transformation.
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